Letting Go

"I do not abandon anyone, but I do not hold the hand of that who wishes to leave."

you x me

در زمانه ای که عمر عشق يک آه و دمه
من هنوز تو گفتن دوست دارم واموندم

During a time when love is reduced to a breath,
I am still trying to say I love you.

Little Men and Jo's Boys


Work preview of book covers i made, some pressed flowers, 
my writing, random picture of flowers i took, 
a video of my work in progress (15secs because i recorded it using Instagram). 
Well, nothing important, i'm just not good at anything anyway.

Happy Holidays!

The only things i regret, and the only things i’ll ever regret are things i didn’t do.
In the end, that’s what we mourn.
The paths we didn't take.
The people we didn't touch. You.
Happy New Year.

my finger and work in progress
and merry Christmas everyone